Work holts on the app

Ok, slightly overdramatic title. After watching some MicroConf talks and talking to some developers who have bootstrapped the way to a successful app its clear I’m falling in the same trap they all did.

I have proven out the basics of the app will work, the libraries needed are fine and work as expected and actually building the app now is just a matter of UI design and implementation (yes, the fun bit as a developer) but I don’t need to do this yet. Ok, I will probably keep on spending a few hours developing some of the app as I enjoy that but I need to do some marketing, move onto building an apps landing page, coming up with the name and starting to spread the idea and get some potential clients interested.

So, I guess the next short-term goal should be to do a bit of market evaluation and market validation.

To do some of this evaluation and validation I will build a landing page to collect email addresses of potential users I have a target number of users that I hope this can hit before it makes sense to start building some of the payment and user infrastructure.

Key things I need from the landing page is a way to capture the potential users’ attention and a way that they can sign up for an email alert system so I can build a potential user database.

It will also allow me to start building some SEO about the application prior to it being fully developed. This approach really does make sense I just get far too excited about building the app first.

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