Remote Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04

1. Remove previously installed xrdp:

$ sudo systemctl disable xrdp
$ sudo systemctl stop xrdp

$ sudo apt purge xrdp
$ sudo apt purge xserver-xorg-core
$ sudo apt purge xserver-xorg-input-all
$ sudo apt purge xorgxrdp

2. Re-install xrdp & required packages:

$ sudo apt install xrdp
$ sudo apt install xserver-xorg-core
$ sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-all
$ sudo apt install xorgxrdp

Add ssl cert permissions

$ sudo adduser xrdp ssl-cert           # add xrdp into ssl-cert group

$ sudo systemctl start xrdp            # start xrdp service
$ systemctl is-active xrdp             # check xrdp state this should be active

$ sudo systemctl enable xrdp           # start xrdp on system start

3. Reboot system:

$ sudo reboot

4. Firewall configuration:

You need to open access on port 3389.

$ sudo ufw allow 3389

5. Fix Black Screen when a user is left logged in

nano /etc/xrdp/

Add in the very top:



sudo systemctl restart xrdp

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