Developer Chat

2023 in the Tech Industry

Happy New Year! It is difficult to predict with certainty what will be popular in the tech industry in 2023, as it is always evolving and new technologies are being developed. Some trends that are currently being talked about in… Read More ›

Portfolio Page

So, I have decided as a fun little designing exercise that I would design myself a portfolio webpage. Though I’m not looking for work I thought that it would always be useful to have as you never know what is… Read More ›

Why go serverless?

Introduction Serverless computing is a new way of building and running applications. It promises to reduce cost, improve speed and simplify maintenance, making it easier for developers to build better apps faster. Reduce cost and increase speed There are a… Read More ›

Midnight Idea

Last Night I had an idea come to mind for a tool that would simplify invoicing for developers or freelancers that bill clients per hour. Anyway, this evening I have started to throw together the landing page using my landing… Read More ›

What Is Electron

Electron is a simple and easy to use framework for building native applications with web technologies. If you can build a website you can build an Electron App. This open-source project allows you to build apps for a number of… Read More ›