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Remote Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04

1. Remove previously installed xrdp: 2. Re-install xrdp & required packages: Add ssl cert permissions 3. Reboot system: 4. Firewall configuration: You need to open access on port 3389. 5. Fix Black Screen when a user is left logged in… Read More ›

What is Docker?

Docker Overview Docker refers to a couple of different things within the development community. Firstly, it’s an open-source community technology project for containerization. Secondly, and slightly confusing, Docker or Docker Inc. is also the company name of the biggest contributor… Read More ›


So what is GitOps you may ask? Firstly, I wouldn’t say that GitOps is a particularly new concept. GitOps is more of a re-badging of some existing processes that are combined together. The main idea behind GitOps is that it… Read More ›