AWS CDK – Serverless Website Monitoring

I recently have been playing around with some tools for monitoring websites but with these tools they can be an unnecessary expense for a start-up. So, I went and built my own monitoring stack in AWS CDK to monitor if… Read More ›

Midnight Idea

Last Night I had an idea come to mind for a tool that would simplify invoicing for developers or freelancers that bill clients per hour. Anyway, this evening I have started to throw together the landing page using my landing… Read More ›

Full Ahead ezConsole

The collection of applications I have been working on recently is coming together to create an application called ezConsole. ezConsole will be a very handy desktop application specifically designed to work with AWS. ezConsole can be thought of as a… Read More ›

What Is Electron

Electron is a simple and easy to use framework for building native applications with web technologies. If you can build a website you can build an Electron App. This open-source project allows you to build apps for a number of… Read More ›