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So over the last few weeks and months I have been playing around with a number of software application and SaaS product ideas, its taken me a little while to actually psych myself up to actually do something about it. So I have gone out and got myself a new laptop and committed to progressing a project.

I work full time as a snr software engineer, mostly working on cloud applications using the AWS ecosystem. I also have a fair bit of experience with deployments, automation and Infrastructure by code.

AWS is a great cloud service provider and I have yet to find something they don’t do well, ok well maybe one or two things one of these is what my application plans to resolve.


Yes, AWS have the code commit tool and it does have some good features and integrations built in, like build pipelines, but its biggest drawback I find is the UI and the fact that everything needs to be done via the console or via the cli. This makes the tool quite a pain and when speaking to other developers they gave me the same feedback. Due to my daily usage of CodeCommit for a number of repositories ill probably be its number 1 customer.

So a little about the app I have decided to start building, its a standalone git integration tool specifically built for AWS CodeCommit. It will help the users by displaying things like available repositories to a user, create and manage pull requests and a number of other things.

I have decided to start documenting my entire journey, the good bad and ugly while building this application, with the plan to build and release it to the world. Hopefully it will help motivate anyone reading to do the same.

The application that’s now currently under development is being built using the angular framework ( node js / typescript ) with some help from angular materials and will be built and packaged initially as just an electron app. The application will also be making use of the aws sdk libraries.

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