CodeCommit app – Market research

So a little bit of feedback on the existing applications in this sort of domain.

All these apps are ones I have or still work with. They all work well and I would normally recommend them all for day to day Git work. However the main reason for me wanting to create a new application in this domain is that these apps just don’t work particularly well with AWS CodeCommit and all its side features, specifically pull requests and possibly even deployment pipelines.

To start with GitHub Desktop, I’m quite a fan of GitHub Desktop and its actually the tool I now use for most of my personal projects, this is mainly due to its integration with GitHub and not so much its feature set.

I have never particularly seen any issues doing anything simple with the GitHub app and it has a number of similar features that I will be implementing in my application. Due to my regular use of this app I’m sure it will influence some of the creation of my CodeCommit App.

Other tools I have used in the past are Git Kraken, probably one of the best looking git apps around. This tool really brings probably the best visual representation of git to the market. Sometimes I did find it a little much however and feel they could have done with a lite version.

And not to forget old Tortoise Git for windows, tortoise is probably the worst 90’s style looking app but it has some really nice integrations with the windows filesystem menus and that makes it really easy to use and that’s why it often ends up as my goto git app for work projects with CodeCommit repo’s.

So I think looking and thinking about the other tools on the market it has helped me in refining my main goal. I’m going to start by focusing on creating a git tool that will specifically handle the pull request management as this is the part that will actually add some value for me when working with AWS CodeCommit.

I wont start of by trying to compete with these long standing applications as I don’t have the manpower/ hours in the day to do everything and my main goal is to add value as quickly as possible.

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