What is serverless computing?

Today you will hear a lot of talk about serverless architectures but what really is serverless?

To start with, it’s worth mentioning that serverless computing, despite its name, is not the removing of servers from the distribution of applications. Serverless is more of an architecture that gives the developers the illusion of having no servers to worry about when building services.

In the early days of web development, you would need to own some physical hardware in order to host an application or site. This could be very expensive and would involve a lot of work for teams to maintain.

More recently, with the development of cloud computing, servers are now mostly rented. Developers with then generally will over purchase the amount of compute power needed in order to cope with any spikes in demand the application may see.

Serverless is more of a cost per invocation architecture. Developers do not necessarily need to calculate the potential spikes in demand as the cost is calculated on a per service basis. Teams no longer need to maintain an infrastructure allowing incredibly small teams to be able to scale up large enterprise level services that previously would have been built by multiple departments of engineers.

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