Productive Day Off – Ionic 24hr App Build

Today I had a nice day off but due to the warm weather we was done with walking the dogs by 6AM and that left me the whole day to do nothing. So I got building.

I wanted to have a little play with Ionic an Angular and all I can say is what a tool.

With a little bit of pre work the night before I managed to build an app in less than 24hrs and get it deployed into Google play store for testing.

The app is quite simple, it tracks your #100DaysOf…. progress.

I have been doing the #100DaysOfCode Challenge but one of the main things I forget everyday when I go to tweet about it is what day am I on?!

So this little app allows you to add topics and track them and send your update off to twitter.

The UI is simple for now but functioning.

Going forward I will do some updates to make it look better but this is a good little app for me to learn the ways of the Google app store and maybe later the Apple one.

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