ezConsole – The AWS Desktop Management Tool

So, some actual progress on productizing my AWS Desktop Management tool called ezConsole this week. For a little while now I have had the task on my ClickUp board to build out the infrastructure deployment pipeline for the landing page.

I think I have been putting this off for a while as it’s really a public declaration of intent to release the tool. I am not yet a real entrepreneur, I do have a side business but it is nothing serious and is more of a second job.

Anyway, I have now built the deployment pipeline, of course using AWS CDK to easily and repeatedly host the website in a serverless architecture.

With my plan to bootstrap the whole process taking advice from a great group on slack called MicroConf. I think serverless is the perfect architecture for building a Micro SaaS as all the services I use are pay for what you use. I am also making use of AWS Activate with the Founders Developer Support.

The launch page that is currently deployed does not contain all the planned content but I feel it has enough to start putting it out in the world.

Please go and check out the website at ezConsole.dev and I will appreciate any feedback.

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