Thinking More about SaaS

I have just recently started to kick of my new SaaS tool this is a desktop tool that is designed to help manage every day AWS tasks making them quicker and more efficient.

I have not yet decided on a price point for this tool but to me it feels like a 5 – 10 £ a month user tool. Now having a low price point tool is fine but my goal (potentially ambitious) is to have around £2000 MRR (Monthly recuring revenue) with any SaaS product I make. So, let’s take the £5 price point with £2000 MRR I would need to maintain 400 customers a month. Now getting customer with SaaS is by far the hardest part, the implementation (or the fun bit) is usually a far easier and well-defined set of tasks, finding and maintaining high numbers of end users is a challenge, somewhat technically, with the cost to run and mostly in service to those customers.

Now I am only starting out with my first SaaS product and I’m verry aware that most fail or may only get and maintain a handful of users. So, let’s say for instance I can keep 20 users on the service, to hit my price target this would mean the users would need to pay £100 a month for the service and this product even fully featured would not hit that value.

The answer, I need a more valuable problem to solve!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on will keep on being my current priority, it’s going to be a great tool for developers to use (I use it to solve my own problems) and it does have potential to get large numbers of end users at the low price point, plus I’m also looking at the features needed to make it more of a ‘team tool’ so it is more marketed towards solving business problems too, not just developers but also sys-admin, marketing and more.

But that more valuable problem to solve is very much in the back of my mind.

I use AWS and specifically Serverless services on AWS extensively. I have also built a number of services ‘from scratch’. So, this is the valuable problem I’m looking to solve next. The idea is a boilerplate SaaS service for development teams allowing them to build on the code directly.

We all know the best SaaS products are in-house developed so I want to build a service that allows the end users to quickly deploy a SaaS offering by building configurable boilerplate code that end users can use to create new services quickly but unlike the use of very restricted services that SaaS platforms provide today.

Now I think that is a valuable problem to solve, depended on features used I would hope to price something like this up to £200 a month. Now back to my target £2000 MRR with a price point of £200 that’s only 10 users I would need to find, a seemingly easier task.

So, this is my thoughts, though I am going full speed ahead with I am going to use some of the infrastructure I have created when building this service to build my second SaaS product. Its goal will be to help others in creating in-house SaaS offerings that are enterprise ready.

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